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    Founder: Apples July 22, 1999 - Nov 21, 2008

In January 2007 we launched a mission on behalf of a basset hound named Appalachia-Bloom. "Apples" for short.
   I became blind at the age of 7 years old.  Upon my human researching  and rehabilitating me so I could live a fulfilling and enjoyable life I became aware and shocked how many dogs, horses & animals were destroyed due to their disadvantage.  Hence the idea for a sanctuary rescue was born.
   In 2007 we launched A caring environment safe for dogs & horses in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains located south of Greeneville, Tennessee.
The mission has now rescued, rehabilitated & adopted into great families over 2000 dogs, and several horses. Our sanctuary is a second chance for them to enjoy a full quality life until they all find a home and or to live out their natural life in a comfortable secure environment. LoveHandlers is a no kill sanctuary operated 100% by your donations.  
Thank you from Tip to Tail for your Love & generosity.   
~Apples (Founder of

Mailing address:

1113 Tusculum Blvd #109

Greeneville TN 37745


Dogs: 423-329-0554 Kirk

Horses: 423-329-7330 Tracy

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