LoveHandlers dogs are healthy (unless a disability is noted) and are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots, and heart worm negative.  Once adopted, they will be bathed with nails clipped and transported with new collars. Please note that LoveHandlers is thorough in finding out all we can regarding the adoption situation (including calling your vet) before releasing the dog into your care.  Please complete an adoption application and we will contact you by phone to review.  Submitting an application doesn't guarantee adoption.  Once an adoption is approved a donation fee will apply.  Donations are tax deductible. 


You can also view our available dogs here:

Shelby (Female, 6yrs, 30lbs) is pure Love and Joy.  She is happy go lucky with a precious personality.  She enjoys walks with her nose to the ground and is good on a leash.  Loving all kinds of affection, she'll become the neighborhood favorite. This quiet, house trained gal is a Southern delight.  She enjoys the company of other dogs and playtime.

Daisy (Female, 3mo, 60-100lbs when grown) was born in early May 2019.  She is a sweet puppy - full of energy and very engaging.  Play-play-play is the name of the game.  Perfectly suited for the energized family or outdoor person, she would make the perfect companion and friend for life.  She loves all other dogs and people. This Labrador/mix is a beautiful example of this loving, noble, and easy-going breed.

Sparky (Male, 7yrs, 6lbs) is made of the sweetest spice of life.  He loves his toys and he’s very social.  He will engage you to play tug-o-war or chase the ball.  His confident attitude will have you hooked from the first meeting. His fun attitude and joy of lap-sitting makes him an excellent companion. 

Bing (Male, 3mos, 60-100lbs when grown) and his sister Daisy were born in early May 2019.  They are two of the sweetest puppies - full of energy and very engaging.  Play-play-play is the name of the game.  Perfectly suited for the energized family or outdoor person, Bing would make the perfect companion and friend to live life with.  He Loves all other dogs and people. This Labrador/mix is a beautiful example of this loving, noble, and easy-going breed.  

Scutter (Male, Young, <25lbs) is the quiet and smart companion that you've always hoped for in life.  He’ll bond quickly.  Aiming to please, he is ready for life’s adventures!  Quick to learn and leash-trained, he enjoys his walks, or sitting on your lap and staring you in the eyes to communicate how much he loves you.  Scutter will be the envy of everyone who meets him because he makes everybody his best friend.   He’s a true Southern gentleman who will charm his way into everyone's heart and be the star of the neighborhood.  

Rigby (Male, 1yr, 11lbs) is sweet as Southern Sugar.  If you have a lap and shoulder to lend, this is the dog is for you.  Shy at first, but engaging, his soulful eyes will penetrate and melt your heart.  He Loves all other dogs and is gentle, light on his feet, and leash-trained.  He will greet you on first meeting with a lick to your cheek. 

Acer (Male, Adult, <25lbs)  This gentle boy Loves his peeps and other dogs.  He enjoys playing or lap sitting.  He's perfect on a leash and is ready to go on a moments notice.  He's always willing to please.  He wants to be a part of your every day life and he's ready to start a new life with you. 

Tallie (Female, 3yrs, 80lbs) is the sweetest, purest form of Southern Charm. Quiet and Loving this gentle big gal is an award wining heart stealer!  Looking for a quiet family, she is house-trained and very low key. With room to lounge around, a biscuit or two with plenty of Love, and an occasional walk she will bond with you and be your family’s charm magnet. She’s about 3yrs old and in great health. Upon first meeting her your heart will melt with her deep Southern accent. 

Otis (Male, 2yrs, 18lbs) is an entertaining handsome little guy. He is playful and engaging and enjoys every moment.  He is ready for any adventure!  Healthy and happy, he constantly wags his tail and loves to greet you.  He has an adorable little face and a loving and very affectionate personality. He is house trained and enthusiastically enjoys his long walks.  He is more than ready to be your best companion and family member. 

Morgan (Male, 7yrs, 10lbs) will make a great full time companion with his sweet personality. He would be best suited in a home of either a work-from-home person or retiree. He will charm you for hours sitting in your lap and watching the world go by or a game show.  Morgan is house trained and enjoys long walks with his human. Morgan and you will become the neighborhood favorites.  

Four Siblings (Male/Female, <5lbs) Born in early May 2019, these adorable puppies are ready for their forever homes.  Playful, affectionate, and eager to please, they will become the best of companions.  They will do well in any family setting but because of their small size and young age, should be supervised closely when handled by young children.

Hatch (Male, 3yrs, 13lbs) is an awesome little guy with bedroom eyes that will melt your heart.  Very shy at first this little poo’terrier will become a fun Loving player with the whole family.  He will bond well with the family and become the neighborhood charmer.  At home he’ll be your couch potato sitting staring out into the backyard guarding it from squirrels. 

Maxwell (Male, 3yrs, 14lbs) likes to cuddle and has a playful sense of humor.  He’ll do well with any family who enjoys the Schnauzer breed.  His multicolor coat when groomed will beam the lights of Westminster wannabes. Charming and fun, he is waiting to become part of his forever family.

Kaycos (Female, 4mos, 15lbs) is a Lab/German Shepherd mix.  Found in an abandoned barn, she is a delightful 15 pounds of Love.  She is sweet, though shy at first, however with just a little attention and a treat she quickly becomes a dear friend and will bond well with her new family.  She’s a tail banger - wagging it with enthusiasm.

Kelso (Male, 4mos) is a Lab puppy.  Friendly and energetic, his inquisitive personality leads him on adventures.  He loves the water.  Bring out the water hose and the game is on!  Toys are a must and he is engaging and funny.  This little guy will grow up to be a big boy and a wonderful companion to any friend and family.  Summers here so Let’s Play!!

Katy (Female, 4mos) is the sister of Kelso.  She is a Lab puppy and is shy at first but soon to become playful and fun. She’s discovered the water hose and water dish.  Water seems to be in the future of this little girl's fun and sense of adventure. Friendly and curious; life is a world of discovery. She is ready for her new home and family.

Baggins (Male, 2yrs, 17lbs) is an entertaining handsome little guy.  He is a playful, engaging Puggle who  enjoys every moment and ready for any adventure. Healthy and happy, constantly wags his tail, and loves to greet you.  He has an adorable little face and a loving and very affectionate personality. He is house trained and enjoy with enthusiasm his long walks.  He is more than ready to your best companion and family member.

Bingo-Jones (Male, 5yrs) is my name and fun and energy is my game. I’m very smart and I have a lot of energy.  I want a family that is all about the outdoors.  I enjoy hiking and the adventure and while at home a nice fenced in yard to run and play in.  I am house trained. I’m looking for someone who is high energy and wants that in a companion.  I’m a border collie mix and you should be experienced with that personality.

Trekker (Male, 3mos, 19lbs) is super sweet and calm even a little shy at first.  At this awkward stage of his life he doesn’t know how to coordinate his floppy large paws and long legs.  Super smart this boy will become the center of attention in a family

Joffery (Male, 3yrs, 21lbs) is a super friendly, fun little West Highland Terrier that always sees the best in what life has to offer.  Wearing a continuous smile this boy is engaging and looks for fun, play time, and a lap to nap.  He’s all vetted utd on his shots. Special dog he is! Ready to start his new life with a new family.

Riviera (Female, 3yrs, 12lbs)  Show me a leash and I’m ready to prance right along with you anytime.  I’m fully house trained and enjoy walking sightseeing the great outdoors.  Super sweet and sometimes a little shy I’m looking for the perfect place to call home.  I keep my beautiful coat clean and shining all the time. People share and point at me and all I ever hear them saying is how beautiful and sweet I am.  So it must be true.  I’m a gentle and soft soul and being here at LoveHandlers as been an experience and one I’ll share with you!

Baxter (Male, 2yrs, 24lbs) I LOVE to go for walks.  Show me the game and I’m in!! I’m Baxter and I’m here for the world to see and be Loved.  I’ll be super loyal and looking for the right fit with a family that wants the perfect companion.  I enjoy being loyal and will lay at your feet or travel with you.  I have a dream… big dreams, and looking for the perfect friend or family who wishes to share those dreams with me. Folks say I smile and that my underbite makes me adorable.  See for yourself.  I personally think it’s simply charming.  Come on y’all lets set course to enjoy what’s left of summer!

Calum (Male, 3yrs, 12lbs) utd shots, hw neg, neutered, is a deep soul that has a dream to have a humans of his own.  Smart and engaging he enjoys TV, couch cuddles, and lap time.  With bedroom eyes he’s full of confidence and licks.  This handsome boy will bond deeply with his human. Either a couch potato or an outdoor adventurist this happy boy will make a wonderful life long companion.  

Miss Paisley (Female, 1.5yrs, 12lbs) is utd on her shots, spayed and HW neg.  This special girl enjoys companionship and cuddles in the lap of love. Eager to play and make new friends is engaging with other dogs sharing her toys and making new friends.

Patty (Female, 7yrs, 9lbs) is simple the Mrs Cravits of LoveHandlers.  She is called the organizer. Patty always needs to oversee, supervise and help where needed.  She comical and smart and will be anyones great companion.  Nothing gets passed Patty!  She’s is definably our most observant little gal at the ranch.  A great little easy going dog that has years left to enjoy life and be enjoyed.  Let her lighten your heart with amusement and companionship. 

Sprockett (Male, 12wks, 5lbs)  They call me Lit’l guy or iddy-biddy here at LoveHandlers.  I can run and zip through the grass faster than anything you ever saw!  I’m big in my mind.  Show me Love and hold me. I will close giving  my bedroom eyes and lean into your neck to give Love right back to you.  I’m super healthy and super charged.  So c’mon folks I’ve got a life to live with no time to waste because I’m a puppy full of “puppy power.” LET’s Play and let the games begin!!

Hogan (Male, 2.5yrs, 18lbs) is UTD on his shots and neutered & HW negative .  The beautiful boy loves to engage and play fetch the ball with his humans.  Bring on the toys and let the games begin.  He enjoys quiet time and would be a great companion eager to please.    A great companion for the adventurous family or single companion that enjoys the great outdoors.  

Pryce (Male, 2yrs, 14lbs) is purebred priceless!!  Super smart and friendly.  He’s a cuddlier and is always looking for the perfect lap to nap and curl up in.  Engaging, funny, warm and sensitive he’s looking for a family of Love.  Obviously is shy around or in front of the camera he’ll make up with licks.  He’s simply a heart catcher. He’s great with all dogs and people and would make any family proud.

Pete (Male, Senior 9yrs, 18lbs) is a shining light against all odds.  He was surrendered because of his older age.  We at LoveHandlers refer to him as Precious Pete.  Calm friendly and always interested in keeping you company he Loves to find a lap to sit in from sun up to way past sun down. Well behaved he’s a companion dog that engages with others dogs and always interested in making new friends. Super Sweet this senior fellow is ready to live life to its fullest and in the Love of a special human that wants a mature companion.

Jacobe (Male, 1yr, 14lbs) is a happy friendly Loving guy. With a heart of gold he’s dreaming of fun family with good times ahead.  Ready to play he enjoys other dogs, and his humans. With those ears he has great hearing and will save you a bundle in satellite expenses.  Just dial up the game and tune in for some fun!

Nashville (Male, 11mos, 17lbs)  Loves to be Loved! Sweet and friendly this young pup will full fill a family with engaging love and companionship.  He'll bond and want to be included in all family outings. He enjoys the company of other dogs and plays well in groups.  

Jasmine (Female, 10mos, 10lbs) Sweet as Southern Tea! This little darling will melt your heart. Jasmine arrived at LoveHandlers with her brother Addison and have become the volunteers favorites.  She will take all the cuddles you can give.  The can be adopted together, as siblings they get along great together.  Jasmine will fill a home with many a years of Love and companionship.  She enjoys playing and other dogs. A perfect addition to any great home. 

We're crazy for Daizy! (Female, 4.5yrs, 40lbs)  She is a very sweet, good natured dog.  She is a beauty with the softest smooth white fur coat and dark expressive eyes.  Daizy is 4.5 years old and weighs 40 pounds.  She enjoys people and other animals, and is very affectionate and engaging and will simply melt your heart.  She will bond very strongly and very closely to her new family.   She's looking for her perfect forever home and companionship. 

Addison (Male, 10mos, 12lbs) is simply dog~gone sweet!  He and his sister Jasmine arrived at LoveHandlers only to enjoy hugs and Love.  Both are very gentle and super sweet. Addison being the shyer of the two will tear your heart out with his overbite grin and smile that will make you fall in Love at first sight.  A cuddler he is.  Sitting in your lap he’ll Love on you for hours.  Enjoys playing and is great will other dogs. He can be adopted on his own or with his sister.  Both siblings get along well together.  Addison will be enjoyed for a long time as he becomes a loyal member of the family. 

Sawyer (Male, 2yrs, 14lbs)  I’m a smaller beagle mix, that I can promise is adoring.  I’ll shower you in kisses, and show you my sweet profound bedroom brown eyes.  I’m very quiet that only my tail can be heard thumping to and from, back and forth.  I walk really well on a leash and am ready to go in a moments notice. I Love lots of friends both two legged and four legged.  But “hey” I can always use more!  More friends means more Love and attention, right?  So lets get together and make some history and set course on an adventure of a life time.  

Jasper (Male, 5yrs, 17lbs) is a charming Southern Gentleman that is Lovable and engaging.  He enjoy his people and is always super happy.  Will bond quickly with his human and be that wonderful companion for life.   He does well with other dogs and his tail is always wagging.  A very happy little guy!

Casey (Male 1yr, 12lbs) is a character.  Ready to sing his song and tell you his story this unique little chi weenie is ready for a family of fun.  He likes to play shy a first until you sit down and offer him your lap.  He’ll bond closely with his humans or other canine companions. A tender hearted little soul is ready to go home and live his life to the fullest.

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