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LoveHandlers Animal Rescue

    Adoption Application & Contract Package

Thank you for your interest in wanting to adopt a dog from LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary.

Step One:    Complete an adoption application either on-line or via e-mail returned to

                 (Make sure to call your veterinarian to give us permission to do a vet reference check.)

Step Two:   Should LoveHandlers determine the application is a possible match with the dog requested, we will contact you for a phone

                 interview to determine if the adoption can proceed.  We will also contact your vet for a reference.

Step Three:  If approved, payment will be required via phone or online credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) at

                 and arrangements will be made for transporting the dog to you.  (You pay transport fee directly to transport company.)











Number of Adults in home:

Number of Children (and ages) in home:

Dog’s primary caregiver:

Rent or Own Home?

   If renting, please provide landlord’s phone number:

Is your yard fenced?

Approximate size of the yard?

   Will your dog be chained in the yard?


List other animals living with this new pet:

Will the dog be allowed in the house?

Who will walk the dog daily?

Where will the dog main sleeping quarters be?

Will there be someone home with the dog during the day?

What is the average number of hours the pet will spend alone daily/nightly?


Have you ever sold, given away of surrendered a pet to a shelter? (If yes, please specify why)



List the most recent pets you have owned in the past: 




Please be aware that routine dog care costs average $250-$700 a year.

Name & Phone Number of current Veterinarian:



Tell us why you want a dog and tell us about your lifestyle, your family including any special activities in which your dog would be included:





Please read & initial all statement to which you agree.  Submission by email will serve as adopter’s initials/signature agreement to terms. 


I/we agree that the dog is being adopted for myself/family and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party without contacting LoveHandlers first.        _____ (initial)


I/we agree to care for the dog in a humane manner and be a responsible guardian.  This includes supplying adequate food, water, shelter, attention and medical care along with the requirements listed in the attached Canine Code of Conduct for Adopters.       _____ (initial)


I/we agree that LoveHandlers makes no guarantees about the dog’s temperament and is not responsible for any future damages or injuries caused by the dog. I/we agree to hold harmless LoveHandlers and its Board of Directors, staff and volunteers against any future claim resulting from the dog’s behavior.       _____ (initial)


I/we agree that if at any point I/we cannot keep the dog, LoveHandlers will be contacted immediately to make arrangements and, if necessary, return the dog to LoveHandlers without requesting a fee.        _____ (initial)


I/we agree that all the statements made on this form are true and that if any statement made on this form is found to be false that the adopted dog may be confiscated.       _____ (initial)


I/we are fully aware of laws/bi laws regarding dogs in my state/county/city/neighborhood ordinances.             _______(initial) 


I/we agree that LoveHandlers is a non profit charity 501(C)(3)and all donations are final / non refundable. We thank you for your donation.        _______(initial)  Donations help to save and maintain lives. 


***  Don’t forget to call your Veterinarian to give us permission to do a Vet reference check. ***


Make sure to give your new dog companion time and space to adjust to your family, your home and your routines.  Just as you are observing your new friend, your dog is likewise observing you.  Allow a minimum of two (2) weeks for your dog to adjust to the new home environment.


Talk to your dog in a calm, friendly and firm (if needed) tone of voice.  Even if your dog does not understand all your words, it will understand your voice & body language.


Your new dog is a companion, not a guard dog.  Your dog should live inside your home, not outdoors, and not chained to a dog house or post.


As recommended by your vet, provide annual inoculations.  Also make sure to provide a heartworm preventative as directed by your vet.  Heart worm is easily preventable but once contracted can result in a difficult and expensive medical process which is not always successful resulting the death of a dog.  


Make sure your dog companion has a fenced enclosure of 300+ square feet.  If not, frequent walks (on a leash) throughout the day will be necessary.


Make sure to confine your dog (at least initially) when not at home.  Crates and indoor kennels work best and your dog will view such confinement as a friendly den where they can feel safe when you are not around.  Tethering a dog by chain or rope is never acceptable and could be very dangerous for the dog.


Always provide access to fresh water throughout the day.  A quality feed is best.

If it appears that your dog has become uncooperative for no apparent reason it may be that something is bothering the dog such as a bad diet, overheated or medical condition.


When traveling by vehicle with your companion, never place the dog in the open bed of a pickup truck.  If the outside temperature exceeds 70 degree, remove the dog from the vehicle and be aware that roadways (especially blacktop ones) can burn your dog's pads during high heat days.

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