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Carly Sue the Road Traveled

Carly Sue was a bittersweet rescue for LoveHandlers. She was hit by a car and left laying in a ditch. She was found by a couple out walking. She was malnourished, covered in maggots & non responsive to humans. It was terrible obvious she had been laying submerge in sallow water for quite some time. LoveHandlers had to make some serious decisions in regards to her life. It's wasn't easy. First we had to nurse her back to health slowly with an excellent diet. She was treated for internal and external parasites. A few weeks she was well enough to undergo surgery to remove her front leg which had permanent nerve damage and was useless from the shoulder down. Surgery was difficult and recovery was long. A month later feeling much better she surprised us by coming up quietly and nipping one of our volunteers in the but and darting away. Her way we feel that she was happy and now ready to play. Current UPDATE:

Hi Kirk/LoveHandlers, I'm writing to thank you for taking care of Shanti (carly sue)

about 7 years back after having her left front leg amputated. We adopted her & a couple of years were tricky. Her mistrust of humans so deep. But with much love, patience, and some good help she is now inseparable from us. She's a deep soul. She's alway big on causing mischief. Thank you. ~Derek

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